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Nitto S83 Seatpost: World's Best Seatpost


The Nitto S83 is perhaps the finest seatpost ever made. There’s only a few reasons to get any other seatpost, but they’re mainly relegated to color (this only comes in...

Wolf Tooth Seat Collars


Back when my parents thought it was ok to have me drive a bunch of kids to school in a mini van with no back seats, using a 5 disc...

Nitto Jaguar Seapost


Great Googly Moogly! The Nitto Jaguar is one fine seatpost. NJS approved, which means it passes super strict testing for track racing. Because those people can crash at an insanely...

Nitto S92 Seatpost 350mm


Zero offset seatposts make zero sense, mostly. Here’s the exception: bikes with really slack seat angles. 71, 70, 69 degrees. These bikes can use zero set back posts. The soon-to-be-available...

PNW RAINIER Dropper Post Internal 27.2


Some folks like dropper posts.  They say it’s like having two bikes in one, a normal bike and a sendy gnar gnar bike.  I’ll keep my judgy judgy view on...

Nitto Lugged Seatpost


Lots of small bikes have really steep seat tube angles.  This isn’t because shorter people benefit from steep seat tube angles.  In fact, for normal bikes, no one benefits from...

Easton EA70 Seapost


Even if you got beat up in 9th grade by a kid who played lacross with an Easton lacross stick, this seatpost is worth considering.  After all, that lacross stick...

Velo Orange Setback Seatpost


There are very few long setback seatposts out there. Really, just 3 I can think of. One is made by FSA, and FSA’s design mantra is ‘make it look like...