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Discord Gov't Issue Tubeless Tape


This is the best tubeless tape out there. We tested Orange Seal, Stan’s, WTB, Spank, Velocity, Easton and some other ones I forgot about. Some are good but too expensive,...

Discord Anodized Valve Caps


This just in: from the National Institute for Radness. Your bike will shred, send, huck, plane, stick it, bomb, carve, rail, rip, and shred 13.6% more if you put anodized...

Discord Components w(Right) Stem


Long stems are going the way of the Dodo Bike fit, bike geometry and bike spec work in aggregate to shape how a rider rides a bike. In an ideal...

Discord Components Creemee Stem


What is a Creemee? It’s only the best summer time food product one can enjoy in the state of Vermont. Ideally it’s a vanilla/maple soft serve twist. The best ones...

Discord Earthworm Tubeless Valves


“The record collection or magazine or newspaper might reveal some clue to a social movement or trend or fashion or sensibility which defies their moronic stranglehold on consciousness. A burp...

Discord 180mm Flat Mount Disc Brake Fork Adapter


Made for steel or super beef carbon forks, so you can get 23% more stopping power with a 180mm rotor vs a 160mm rotor. Two piece design. You'll see why...

Discord Chromo Peeper


Discord stems have a theme: short reach, lots of stack. We’re obsessed, an obsession that transcends trends. Trendy stems are next year’s fodder for the scrap metal collector. Our short...

Discord Components Quill Stem Top Caps


Buy one of these if you lost your OG top cap, or want a fun color. These little nuggets fit all of the Discord quill stems that accept a top...

Discord Fingerling Stems


Short and stubby, but oddly elegant, like a fingerling potato. If you want to get your reach in check but don’t need to go as short as the w(Right) stems,...

Discord Chromo Creemee


The tallest, stiffest, shortest stem out there. Not a good pick up line in a bar, but it makes for a great stem. 125mm stack height to get bars up...

Discord Logo Pin


Never mind what's been selling, It's what you're buying Fugazi, From Blue Print 1” pin with Discord Components logo on there.  Made in the US.  Listen to real music.  Reject...

Discord Components Peeper Stem


You know a stem is good when it takes design inspiration from milk cartons. Actually the Peeper stem just has a vague machined milk carton vibe. Not in a bad...