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Prolink Chain Lube 4oz


Chain lube should keep your chain lubed, not looking nice. Clean lubes are giving something up to be clean. Maybe it’s the need to apply to a completely clean chain,...

Connex Chains


Connex makes the strongest chains available in their factory in Germany. The second strongest chains are way more expensive, so why go there? Stronger chains last longer. That’s important if...

Connex Quick Links


These work well on any brand of chain, but you ought'a invest in a Connex chain when it's time to replace your current piece. Tool-less closure and removal. The best...

SRAM Master Links 9-12 Speed


SRAM makes fine chains. Not the best, that honor goes to Connex. But! Connex master links are pricey. They’re better, cause you don’t need no stinkin’ chain plier to pop...

PYC Nickel Plated 11 Speed Chain


It’s a well known fact that the night markets are the place to eat well in Taipei.  According to my dog eared copy of Fodor’s Taiwan 1987, YBC was originally...

Unior Lil' Hobby Chain Tool


A simplified and smaller version of the Unior Professional Chain Tool. Handle is less ergonomic, the pin pusher pin is non-replaceable. A fine chain tool for your garage or basement...

Unior Professional Chain Wear Indicator


A variation on a classic tool. There are two little prongs on the backside of the tool which you settle betwixt any two given links, with the dial set to...

YBN Gold 11speed Chain


YBN has been making chains since the founder stole the chain making diagrams from Shimano in 1953.  YBN stands for You Better Not, which was the advice of the founder’s...