Tune-Ups, Installs, Overhauls

Set up a Tune or Probuild today

Analog’s service department has 30+ of years of wrenching experience that we bring to bear on our work. We take tools and the proper use of tools seriously. Our technicians are not only versed in current technologies, but also old and obscure ones. We are students of history as well as the present, and this helps us diagnose the most difficult bike service issues. Be it re-balancing a wonky wheel, or prepping a bike for a round the world ride, or just getting your bike dialed for the next season of riding, Analog has ya covered.  

We're a full service specialty bike shop.  The word specialty is a caveat, because we don’t work on everything. Analog politely declines to work on box store bikes, electronic shifting, computer systems, or power meters. If that seems like a lot, know that we only want to work on systems we know thoroughly. We don’t do that stuff because we want to be really good at certain things, and specialization takes time, tools and know how. We’re not a jack of all trades shop, but we know some that are, and can happily point you in their direction if you would like.

Our turn-around times are quick

a few days if no new parts are needed.

A Pretty Good Tune Up


  • Full bike wipe down.  No toxic solvents are used, nor is a water hose.  
  • Adjust all bearing surfaces: hubs, headset, bottom bracket, as needed/applicable
  • Torque stem, seatpost, cranks, pedals to torque spec
  • Adjust brakes, file rim brake pads, clean disc pads off bike, clean disc rotors off bike.
  • Adjust derailleurs, clean pulleys
  • Lube cables as needed.
  • Clean chain off bike down to bare metal.  Relube chain with nontoxic biodegradable nix frix shun chain lube
  • Remove cassette, clean, reinstall
  • Check all additional bolts for tightness
  • Quick adjust fender line
  • Tru Wheels, lube nipples and rim to nipple interface.  Clean rim surface with hozan rim blocks.
  • Optimize Tire Pressure
  • Adjust bar tape as needed, if possible
  • Installation of new parts NOT included in tune up cost.  IE new brake pads are parts plus install labor.  
  • Test ride and Tune Checklist signed by service mechanic.  Work doubled checked and signed by other mechanic.  

Installations Done with Care

  • Rack installs $25 ea
  • Fender install plastic $25
  • Fender install metal $50-80
  • Generator lighting install basic $25 ea
  • Tubeless conversion $25 ea

Analog will install other accessories and components too.  The items listed above are our specialty items, but we also do mirrors, bar tape (and shellac or custom treatments), grips, etc etc.  


Overhauls are not a package deal.  Not everything on every bike always needs a complete overhaul.  Overhauls are done on an ala carte basis to save you money and make sure things that need love, get it.  We're happy to do everything, but it's priced individually.  Analog recommends yearly drivetrain cleanings, repacking loose bearing hubs, cleaning sealed hub bodies, replacing standard cables and housing, brake service, and a full inspection including torque spec checks.