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Nitto S92 Seatpost 350mm




Zero offset seatposts make zero sense, mostly. Here’s the exception: bikes with really slack seat angles. 71, 70, 69 degrees. These bikes can use zero set back posts. The soon-to-be-available Tanglefoot bikes are designed around said posts. We like the look of zero offset posts, but most folks put them on for the wrong reasons. Here’s some of them:

  • To shorten reach to the bars. BAD! Bar reach should be addressed with a stem and your bars, not your leg’s relation to your pedals. Moving your saddle forward is a bad way to adjust reach. It’s the worst way. It is a great way to put more strain on your knees, though.
  • It’s what they had laying around. Most bikes come stock with 0 posts, because 0 offset posts are typically cheaper to make than 20mm offset posts. People don’t notice knee pain on parking lot rides. True facts. Using a 0mm post 'cause it’s just what ya got is like subbing in Gak for eggs in an omelet recipe, cause it’s just what ya got. Go to the damn store.
  • 0mm posts are lighter. You can make a really light 0mm post, maybe 50 grams lighter than a set back post. 50 grams is not worth knee pain. Subtract 50 grams somewhere else. Get Ti bottle cages. This is not the place to do it.

If you have a slack frame, get this Nitto post. It’s the best 0mm post there is. Big bolts, not under built, nice looking. Off road safe. Won’t slip. No gimmicks.