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Deity Black Kat Pedals


Pedals are underrated as contact points. Folks talk about pedal weight, efficiency, clipless or not, but they rarely bring up how they feel under foot. It's an anathema to bring...

Pedal Washers


Pedal washers are something most folks forget about when they jam pedals on a bike. But you know they’re important, cause lots of crank manufacturers send ‘em out with new...

Chromag Scarab Pedals


Big pedals from the big neighbor to the North. These are the biggest pedals we offer. If you ride in soft shoes, have big ole flippers, or just want insane...

Unior Pro Pedal Wrench


Dang. This pedal wrench is really nice. It’s like a more ergonic Park Pro pedal wrench, that comes in ketchup party red orange, AND has a bottle opener for that...

Deity Deftrap Pedals


Nylon pedals used to have a bad rap. And with some folks, I suppose they still might. But if you are on a budget, the current crop of 'premium' nylon...

Blue Lug MKS XC Bear Trap III


Unlike DOD pedals, these pedals have a justified reputation for being the best. It’s an old reputation, but well founded. Suntour debuted these in the early 80’s, and they became...

Deity T-Mac Pedals


We were able to score a few, read: Very FEW! Deity T-Mac pedals. Big, grippy, ideal for the really whatever, but we like them for riding with soft soled shoes,...