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Tanglefoot Wool Blazer Tape


Walk among corn, vines Birds, the rustling stalks Walk slow, say Nothing.  Watch The mountain change color Each day, appear &  Disappear among clouds,  As what you know Comes &...

Tanglefoot Cycles Corduroy Road Bar Tape


Up our way, when road workers regrade a road, or there's a washout, the road bed often coughs up a glimpse of the past.  In most cities, that old exposed...

Tanglefoot Uncle Art's Shriner Party Pants Bar Wrap


Specially formulated for ATB bikes that are trying to channel Uncle Art's Shiner Party Pantloons from 1983.  Poultney loves a parade, and Uncle Art was a regular feature on parade...

Tanglefoot Cycles' Aunt Ronnie's Recliner Bar Wrap


Aunt Ronnie, wife of Uncle Art, was a tiny, wrinkled woman who collected glass paperweights and made insanely complicated quilts.  Her butter to broccoli ratio was on point.  Roughly 1:1. ...

Tanglefoot Cycles Mom Jeans Bar Wrap


Tanglefoot's Mom Jeans '93 Bar Wrap  is prepared to take you back to the 90's.  We're talking peak 'Woot, there it is' time on the geologic time scale.  Think Toni Braxton,  extravagant...