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Rivendell Clem Smith Jr. L


Low top tube version Clem Smith Jr. Frameset Rivendell’s Clem Smith Jr is a long wheel base, super comfortable, pretty fast do everything, almost, bike. Big tire clearance means you...

Rivendell Roadini


The Roadini is an all-around, all-weather road bike. It gives up nothing to modern extreme bikes on smooth, ideal roads, and is far better in every way when conditions are...

Rivendell Sam Hillborne


Back when gravel grinding was a thing they only did at rock quarries, Rivendell was making bikes for all roads, not just the paved ones. The Sam Hillborne is the...

Rivendell Atlantis 3 MIT


After Atlantis sunk back into the ocean, the earth’s crust opened up and sucked the city into the upper mantle. Horrible earthquakes shook the briny depths, turning the ocean a...

Rivendell Joe Appaloosa


**Note Shipping will be a separate charge ** we are waiving the $500 in parts and accessories requirement now until Dec 21st 2021 @ 11:59pm** If you are a fan of long...