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Analog Cassette Shirt


“He shuns all common haunts, and seeks afar, The loneliest spot amid the thickest shade: And flies from the intrusive step of man,...” The Hermit Thrush by John H Bryant...

Heavy/Light Unisex T-shirt


Here's a recipe for you. It's called Marg's Busch. If you take that somewhere bad, that's on you, you dirty person you. Take a Busch Light, ideally ice cold but...

Walking Boss Suspenders


I know what you're thinking: really? Yes, really. We wear suspenders almost everyday. Any time I'm feeling lazy and don't put them on, I regret it almost immediately. Especially as...

AnaLOG Trucker Cap


Nothing says 'I have a huge brain' quite like a Trucker hat. Think about it, who has more time to think than a long haul trucker? Maybe a hermit monk...

Tanglefoot Moonshiner Shirt


Artwork by the fantastic French artist Denis Carrier, and you can see more of his work here: . He captures the magic of the Tanglefoot Moonshiner perfectly so grab one of...

Tanglefoot Tools for Retro Futurists Shirt


Taking a cue from the Whole Earth Catalogs of yore, Derek Wycoff of Maple Fortress , collages up a storm on this Tanglefoot Tools for Retro Furturists tee!

Fox River Four Layer Heavy Weight Wool Gloves


Thick, zesty, and warm.  Lots of gloves suffer from warm enough but clammy syndrome, because they are ‘waterproof’.  Waterproof is basically a myth, and the best way to keep your...