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Nitto Jaguar Seapost 27.2



Great Googly Moogly! The Nitto Jaguar is one fine seatpost. NJS approved, which means it passes super strict testing for track racing. Because those people can crash at an insanely high rate of speed and need their bikes to be strong enough to withstand those impacts. There is a step down in the shaft which allows for the option of running the clamps in a narrower diameter for track racing saddles. They have thinner rails for thinner saddles because their thighs are not thin....

Berlin Six Day: The biggest thighs in the business

We approve of its two bolt, front and black, clamp style with big ol bolts. Nitto's S83 has the same clamping style, and is plenty strong enough for all humans with thighs less than 34 inches and don't whirl around a track at 50 mph.

The finish is awesome, comes in fun anodized colors. Cold forged. Get this because its elegant, comes in a fun color that you just can't NOT have, and because it's the nicest seatpost around.