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Velo Orange Mud Flap


Super Thick Leather Mud Flap. Ideal for metal fenders between 45 and 65mm wide. Keeps your feet dry. Here’s how to install it: goop it up with Brooks Proofide. Use...

SKS Fenders


Everyone knows that fenders make you the coolest biker on the block. This is because when you get to the pub after a wet ride, your hindbits are not encrusted...

Velo Orange Leather Washers


And here I thought you were not supposed to wash leather. Igor from Velo Orange was wandering around Tokyo one night, after a bit of the ole sake, and he...

Gilles Berthound Delux Leather Mudgaurds


Are you suffering from nude fender anxiety? 8 out 10 fender uses are. You are not alone. The bare tips of your fenders cry out: ‘Cloth me, cover me!’ Only...

Honjo Metal Fenders


Honjo… Ok wait. This is actually a real story. Not something I made up because writing product descriptions is both tedious and odious. Right. So Honjo is a high end...