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Green Grips Bar Tape


Who woulda thought that in 20-whatever there would be more than zero cloth handlebar tape makers? For a long time it was just Tressostar tape, which you were lucky to...

Fizik Drop Bar Gel


Every Wednesday morning, the workers from the Selle Royal factory are released for an espresso & sweets break. They rush down to Pozzoleone’s premiere pasticcerie, to procure parcels of fresh...

Newbaum's Cloth Bar Tape


Let me get this outta the way first: cloth bar tape and foam padding don’t mix. It’s a recipe for a lumpy, ugly tape job. Furthermore, almost all foam bases...

Tanglefoot Wool Blazer Tape


Walk among corn, vines Birds, the rustling stalks Walk slow, say Nothing.  Watch The mountain change color Each day, appear &  Disappear among clouds,  As what you know Comes &...

Brooks Microfiber Bar Tape


Brooks makes 3 types of bar tape. Actually, they don’t make any bar tape at all. Fizik makes it for them, in Italy. That’s ok, cause Fizik makes really nice...

Blue Lug BL Select BTP Bar Tape


(Spring)  Cherry Blossoms and Miami Vice dress cues.  Basho would have been stoked.   Blue Lug Cotton handlebar tape, easy to wrap.  Comes with wood bar plugs.  Classes up any bike,...

Fizik Tempo Microtex Bondcush Bartape


The Fizik factory is right in the middle of a vast ranch. The ranch is in northern Italy, a region called Catena Montuosa Mucca Vegana. In this region, fed by...

Tanglefoot Cycles Mom Jeans Bar Wrap


Tanglefoot's Mom Jeans '93 Bar Wrap  is prepared to take you back to the 90's.  We're talking peak 'Woot, there it is' time on the geologic time scale.  Think Toni Braxton,  extravagant...

Tanglefoot Cycles Corduroy Road Bar Wrap


Up our way, when road workers regrade a road, or there's a washout, the road bed often coughs up a glimpse of the past.  In most cities, that old exposed...

MeMe's Couch Wool Bar Wrap


My grandparents, and probably a large portion of America from 1968 to 1986, owned hard, boxy living room furniture that was covered in itchy wool fabric flecked with random colors. ...