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Untapped Maple Waffle


Untapped harnesses the magic and wonder of maple syrup and uses it to improve on a classic cycling snack: the stroopwafel. If you've never had one (what have you been...

Untapped 1oz Maple Syrup


Untapped dubs itself as All Natural Athletic Fuel, which it is, but it's also a really easy way to transport your favorite tree goo around. Notice I said goo and...

Munieq Tetra Coffee Dripper W/ Leather Pouch


Munieq makes a handful of very light, elegant camping bits in Japan.  I have used many a woodsy coffee maker.  Let me tell you about them, because you have nothing...

Aquamira Water Treatment


Tiny chlorine tablets zap funk in your 'found' water.  These tabs are the most minimal way to purify water, and they work well.  Minimal funky taste.  If the water has weird...

Snow Peak Barista Coffee Grinder


Have you ever thought, damn this coffee would taste better if I looked good while I made it?  If the answer is yes, every cup should be a ‘gramable moment,...

Snow Peak Barista Kettle


Japanese made stainless steel kettle.  Good for coffee pour over action, ideally filmed at .5 speed, so we can see your swirly swirly technique.  Holds 1 liter of water, aka...