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Prolink Chain Lube 4oz


Chain lube should keep your chain lubed, not looking nice. Clean lubes are giving something up to be clean. Maybe it’s the need to apply to a completely clean chain,...

White Lightning Crystal Grease


Crystal Grease was first discovered when Reginald F. Snifferbutt scored a case of new old stock Crystal Pepsi from Ebay. When he finally received the box, he eagerly pried it...

Green Oil "On Tour" Wet Chain Lube


Green Oil is a British company that makes chain lube that doesn't actively destroy the earth.  Most bio lubes are green washing.  Some have friggin' teflon in them, which negates...

Green Oil Chain Lube


Chain lubes are boring, and if you spend time reading articles about chain lube efficiency, you should reevaluate the way you spend your time.  Here's what you need to know:  ...

Phil Wood Hand Cleaner Tub


Phil wood makes 1 thing we really like: wood pulp hand cleaner. Their grease is fine, but there are plenty of good greases out there. Their bearings are also fine....

Anti-Seize by Juice Lubes


Think of anti seize like a grease that doesn’t lubricate. You use it when you want to prevent two metals from bonding to each other through a process called galvanic...

Fiber Grip by Juice Lubes


There are times when you want a gritty lube. Like, if your roommate keeps bragging about his Strava results: pack his hubs in this grease. It will slow him right...

Carradice Cotton Duck Wax


Waxed cotton occasionally needs a refresh.  That’s a good thing!  When your waterproof breathable whatever needs a refresh, you have to dump DWR (durable water repellent)  in your washing machine,...

Super Glue Gel Shop Container


This is probably only an ounce of super glue gel, but it’s the perfect size to keep in your shop. Here at Analog we use it daily to wrap bars,...

Wolf Tooth Grease - 2oz


There are many fine greases out there, and we’ve used more than a few of them.  The Wolf Tooth WT-G grease is a long lasting, waterproof grease made for bearings,...