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Cheap but Great Fountain Pen


After a 20 year hiatus, I decided it was time to start writing letters again. Writing long emails to friends feels too much like work. I sign off fast, and...

Prime Timber Pencil


Rumor has it that the Prime Timber is the only pencil that Al Jourgensen will write music with. A little known fact* about Al: he secretly loves writing childrens’ songs...

Fountain Pen Ink


Refill your fountain pen the old, good way. With a tiny bottle of ink! Don’t be like James and barely put the lid back on. That could spell doom for...

Recent Memo Pad


Good to put recent memories in, or memoranda, as you see fit.  Whenever I go into a book store or a record shop, my brain is wiped clean, like I’ve...

Penco Drafting Writer Mechanical Pencil Penco Drafting Writer Mechanical Pencil

Penco Drafting Writer Mechanical Pencil

$32.00 $18.00

Finally, a mechanical pencil for highly technical mini golf games.  Barely bigger than a standard golf pencil, just long enough to sit in the hand in such a way that...

Penco General Notebooks


Do you think tiny note books make you look smarter at meetings and more worldly on a first date?  Are you fond of writing affected poetry about time and entropy? ...

Transparent Fountain Pens


Read the cheap but great fountain pen write up first! Why do these look so great? I keep hoping the folks at the bank will notice my fly pen situation,...

Antica Cartotecnica Set of 4 Vintage Pencils


From a family run vintage shop in the heart of Rome, a self-described "soulful lair." These pencils come from an assortment of makers each pack a unique combination of vintage pencils...