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Nitto Rivendell Billie Bar


The Billie Bar is the end note of the evolution of what began as the Dove Bar, became better via the Albatross Bar, and is now even wider and even...

Nitto Rivendell Choco Bar


The Choco Bar is now made available in a sultry satin black ceramic coat to compliment that weird black stem on your old-skool MTB conversion project. Off road safe, heat...

Nitto Forest Ambler


Like a scaled down Crust Jungle Runner bar, or a smaller first generation Jones bar. But wicked cool, cause Nitto makes it. Steel. Stiff. Strong. You can crash on it...

Jones Bars


We don’t sell Jones bars online. They’re available on complete builds, or if you wander in to the shop only. Jones bars are one of the uglier bars out there....

Surly Moloko Bars


The Surly Moloko bars are tied with the Jones bars as one of the ugliest bars currently on the market. That said, if you are into bars that look they...

Spank Flare 25 Degree Bars


We helped Spank design these new dirt drop Flare 25 bars. A bunch of our recommendations made the cut, and we’re stoked on the result. The things we recommended against...

Salsa Cowchipper Bars


The Salsa Cowtippers are the ideal bar for cruising around in a farmer’s field late at night, with a belly full of Diet Cherry Coke and Twisted Tea. When you...

Velo Orange Curvy Bars


Velo Orange makes two kinda similar bars the Granola Bar and the Curvy Bar. The Granola Bar is ironically more curvy than the Curvy bar. The Granola Bar is like...

Handlebar Shims


Oh shims. So denigrate. So misunderstood. The woeful life of an underrated bike bit. Here’s the stem shim low down. They work fine, if you use ‘em right. Do: Use...

Ritchey Comp Beacon Drop Handlebar


Tom Ritchey has the best mustache in the world, beating out Tom Selleck peak Magnum PI by the width of a mustache hair. True Facts and local legends: Tom Selleck’s...

Blue Lug x Nitto Losco bar


I’m gunna come out and say it. This is the best looking swept back bar on the planet. The angles are rad, it looks futuristic in a retro way, or...

VLC Cheers bars


Good drop handlebars are elusive.  There are more good ones now than say, 20 years ago, but still maybe only 10 that are really good.  I do love me a contemporary...

Ritchey Kyote Bar


True Fact: if you leave a can of seltzer in the cooler for 4 days, and that cooler was in a boat, and that boat was in the water, the...

Nitto Albatross Bar


25.4 stem clamp Heat Treated Aluminum 55cm wide 50mm of rise 173mm back sweep

Nitto M-137 Dirt Drop Bar


Like the idea of wide bars but don’t need gobs of flare?  This isn’t TGIFridays after all.  Gravel bikes benefit from some flare, but if you are not getting sendy...

Fifth Season Manhaden Pogies


Most pogies are made from Neoprene.  Neoprene is a synthetic ‘fabric’ made from Chloroprene and foaming agents, plus heat.  We wear this ‘fabric’ next to our skins in wet suits,...

PNW Coast Bars


If you like some thinking space between your brake hoods, these are a fine bar.  Short and shallow, like all good bars should be.  Short meaning short reach, distance between...

Velo Orange Crazy Bars


First off, these bars are probably the best looking Alt bars out there, besides the Nitto Forest Amblers. But they’re more appropriate for most riders, being wider, with some rise,...

Gilles Berthoud Leather/Brass Bar Plugs


Subjectively the best looking handlebar plug out there.  Comes in Mountain diameter or road bar diameter.  Get the latter if you have any Nitto made Rivendell swoopy bars, IE the...

Nitto Aluminum Bar Plugs


Get these Nitto Bar End Plugs if:  you like small chunks of anodized aluminum glinting in the moonlight, think anything made in Tokyo is ‘fab’, and you love the idea...

Sim Drops Drop Bar End Plugs


Always Stay Hip, Sim Drops By Telephone McChesney I grew up overshadowed by Rippin' Mountains Couldn't catch the eye of no city girl Here I am devoted to Sim Drops...