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UCO Camp Cup


Lightweight, collapsable but not flimsy, fun clors, what’s not to like?  You can smush this cup down, but it won’t collapse under it’s own weight or the weight of the...

Kupilka 37 Large Cup


Kat, who lives above the general store, has a dog named Lego, and works for Analog building wheels and packing boxes and prepping frames, has a thing for soup.  Baths...

Snow Peak Stainless Steel Metal Plate


A nice shallow stainless steel metal plate.

Metal Bowl


A perfect stainless steel camping bowl for noodles, oatmeal and other bowl worth foods.  Not huge, as the name implies, but big enough for a good sized helping of soup,...

Kupilka 14 Platter


The Kupilka platter is more of a small plate than a platter.  But let me tell you a platter story.  Back before dumpster diving had a reddit page, my dad...

Snow Peak Kettle No. 1


Snow Peak’s Kettle No. 1 is not incorrectly named.  Very few kettles work well as a general cook pot, or a bowl, or a big ass cup, but this one...

Silicone Lid


Silicone lid for Snow Peak Insulated Stainless Steel Mug 300 ml or 450ml Sippy cup lid for the insulated Snow Peak mugs.  Keeps the hot in, also handy for preventing...

Insulated Stainless Steel Mug


If you are the type of person who thinks a ‘cup’ of coffee is 16 oz, then this is the mug for you.  Snow Peak’s stainless double walled mug is...

Snow Peak Stainless Cup


Japhy approved, I imagine.  Ideal for eating beans warmed over a candle in the back corner of a box car, or drinking green tea sourced from a remote mountain side,...

Kupilka 21 Cup + Small Spoon


Close your eyes and picture this.  Wait.  No keep them open, or you can’t read.  Squint knowingly, and pretend to look into the semi distance.  You are on a spit...