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Unior Tire Levers


Tire levers are like toasters. It should be really easy to make one that works well. But just like that Dualit toaster burns the sprouts right off your 8 dollar...

Park Tool Tire Boots


For those of you still running inner tubes, tire boots are a great little piece of insurance to keep in your tool roll. After you that broken Zima bottle cuts...

Panaracer Gravel King Semi-Knobby Tires


Panaracer has been quietly making some of the best tires out there for years. The Gravelking SK is the successor the venerable Pasela tire, which was my go to tire...

Schwalbe Aerothan Tubes


It’s kinda funny that it took the advent of tubeless tires for inner tube makers to make a really good inner tube.  We have a few miracle tubes to choose...

WTB Ranger Tire


EDIT: WTB no longer makes the light/grippy compound. They currently only offer their light/fast rolling and tough/fast rolling compounds. Bah humbug! The perfect tire does not exist. WTB made great...

Sim Works Super Yummy Tires


As Joe Biden would say: let me be clear.  These tires do not taste good, even with a lot of ketchup.  Speaking of ketchup, Mach’s Market sells this amazing cranberry...

Panaracer Gravel King Smooth Tires


There is no perfect tire. There never will be one, because a well balanced anything is not about perfection, it’s about any given element being in balance with all of...

WTB Byway Tires


Some of the worst tires I have ever ridden were semi-slick tires. At first glance, these WTB Byway tires are just a 650b semi-slick. Semi-slicks promised blazing fast speed and...

Teravail Rutland 27.5 x 2.1 and 650b x 47


In 1999 we would have called these all condition XC tires.  Nowadays, they’re gravel tires.  Let’s channel 1983 Ross catalogs and rebrand them ATB tires.   Rutland, aka Rutvegas, is a...

Schwalbe Rock Razor


Let me be the first to tell you, unless you have an obsidian razor, you don’t want to shave with a rock.  Granite just leaves you covered with razor burn. ...

Panaracer Gravel King SS Tires


Panaracer makes the most complete, useful line of gravel tires out there, with WTB following close behind.  Bang for the buck, you can’t beat either brand.  For many moons we...

Cush Core Tire Inserts 27.5+ Pair


If you ride hard, like Candice do, and ya ride in the rocks, you have probably bottomed out your rim and given it a nice ole ding.   There are many...

Schwalbe Jumbo Jim Tires


Most fat bike tires make your bike feel like you are pedaling through a book about the history of tube socks. Slow. Horrible. Flashbacks to elementary school. Sweat pants that...

Schwalbe Thunder Burt Tires


The Thunder Burts are what your uncle comes down with after eating too much carnival food. Somehow, Schwalbe caught wind of that (ha!) and decided to turn his gastrointestinal distress...

WTB Horizon Tires


Big, squishy, good looking. Like an undercooked brownie. But faster. Well, actually, I eat brownies pretty fast, so it’s debatable which is faster, these tires, or brownie consumption. These tires...