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SRAM GX 10 Speed Rear Derailleur


The holy grail of touring rear derailleurs: affordable, shifts well, can soak up a huge range of gears, and a clutch for riding on rough roads without chain bounce. This...

SRAM Rival 1 Rear Derailleur Long Cage


The Rival 1 long cage rear mech is the only 11 speed rear mech you need if you are running drop bars and a 1x drivetrain. It’ll shift thru an...

Wolftooth Roadlink


Wolftooth makes this little nugget of aluminum. In a nutshell, it allows you to increase how big of a cog your rear derailleur can shift to. It only works on...

Garbaruk SRAM 11/12 Speed Cages


Unlike the standard Garbaruk derailleur pulleys, adding this cage plus the larger pulley wheels in combination DOES improve shifting and also reduces friction. Now, we are not watt counters, but...

Garbaruk Pulleys For Stock SRAM 11/12 Derailleur Cages


Why do you need these pulleys? Because they look amazing! No other reason. They are little round pointy works of industrial art, and once you see them in person, you...

SRAM GX Rear Derailleur 1x11


SRAM’s middle of the line rear mountain derailleur is close to perfect. It’s not particularly great looking, but it shifts well, it can take a beating, and it’s pretty affordable....

Campagnolo Comp Triple NOS 10 Speed Rear Derailleur


The best looking derailleur of the past 20 years.  Shifts well in friction for 8, 9, 10, 11 speed.  Indexes with Campy ten speed, but who has Campy ten speed? ...

Garbaruk Pulleys for Garbaruk Shimano 11sp GRX Cages


Compatible with Garbaruk's 11 speed Shimano cages only! 12t/14t. Get the cage here!

Garbaruk Cage Shimano GRX


For use with Shimano 11 speed GRX rear derailleurs only. And only compatible with 1x drive trains. The cage brings up the small upper pulley closer to the small cog...

Shimano Deore 9 speed rear derailleur


There is a world wide shortage of 9 speed rear derailleurs.  Don’t worry, Analog has your back.  Unless you had beans last night.  Then maybe we’ll just support you from...

Paul Component Shimano Thumbies


My favorite thing about these thumbie mounts is that they have a hinge that allows you to remove them without removing the brake levers and grips. They also have a...

SRAM Rival Righthand Brifter & Lefthand Brake Lever


Meanwhile, the giant, with his shield covered in unnecessary ‘innovations’ in front of him, kept coming closer to SRAM. He looked SRAM over and saw that he was little more...