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Oury Grips


Bad grips out number good grips at least 100 to 1. Apparently, when most grip makers sit down to design a grip, they don’t bother to look at their own...

Meisha Cork Grips Cut Out


SOLD INDIVIDUALLY   Rivendell’s Meisha’s grips: Doesn’t perxactly roll off the old tongue does it? Well, never mind, these are the finest grips made for a very specific sort of...

Blue Lug Chocobike Grips


These grips look like chocolate bars, get it?   According to Tikko, these grips have a smell, subtly like whatever chocolate bar they look like.  I don’t smell it, but I’m...

Ergon GA3-L and -S Grips


Most mountain bike grips are terrible. They’re just BMX grips with different branding. Yet mountain bikers are often on their bikes for way longer than BMX riders are. BMX involves...

Rivendell Cork Grips, Normal Style


Genuine ring cork from a small wine bottle cork maker in Portugal, the cork capital of the world. These Rivendell cork grips are simple and stylish- they will make any...

Ergon GP1-L and -S


Sometimes you need a bandaid. Let’s say you got a splinter from trying to carve an artisan toothpick, or you cut your finger on an envelope when you were trying...

Ergon GS1-L and -S Grips


The Ergon GS1 is marketed as a marathon/MTB racing grip. It's pretty similar to the GP1, but with geometric edges. The performance difference is that Ergon uses a different rubber...