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Fifth Season Waxed Canvas Saddle Cover


Treadled in Maine, USA. Made for a Brooks B17, let's call max saddle width 18 cm. Off-center-cinch-pull technology (OCCP), which isn't trademarked or registered and we're not sure if it...

Fifth Season Squall Sack


The Fifth Season line of waxed canvas goods is named after the most dreaded Vermont season. Mud Season. Cold, wet, mushy, slushy, and of course, muddy. We designed the Fifth...

Fifth Season Kinnikinnick Bag - V2


Some bits and bobs should be more accessible than others. If you are touring and your friend goes OTB on a snowmobile bridge, or if it’s getting late and you...

Fifth Season Cache Sack


In Vermont, we have a fifth season, aka mud season. When the snow melts and the roads are covered in mud so thick that cars get suck and pulled into...

Fifth Season Vortex Sack


If you are the type of person who goes to the grocery store to get a can of Spam and comes back with a dozen eggs, a six pack of...

Fifth Season Logo Pin


Charred and feral Limp and crisp, edges of crystals shoot upward from the cracked soil Dripping branches Teaming creeks, glass coated stones and awakening moss Thick as cold vaseline, sticky...

Fifth Season Manhaden Pogies


Most pogies are made from Neoprene.  Neoprene is a synthetic ‘fabric’ made from Chloroprene and foaming agents, plus heat.  We wear this ‘fabric’ next to our skins in wet suits,...

Fifth Season Key Pa Saddle Bag


Fifth Season set out to make the finest saddle bag in the land. Thick waxed canvas of the highest grade. Custom coated brass hardware. Insanely thick leather in all the...