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Wolf Tooth Seat Collars




Back when my parents thought it was ok to have me drive a bunch of kids to school in a mini van with no back seats, using a 5 disc CD player as a stereo to blast music of dubious quality, whilst riding around with the door open so as to better throw water balloons at people, Salsa made the best seat post binders. They still make nice ones, but these Wolf Tooth units are just a bit better.

They’re US made. +1 over the Salsa units, which USED to be US made.

They have fun colors. So does Salsa, but see point 1.

They’re a bit lighter.

The key to what made Salsa binders so dang good was the swiveling chunklet of steel the bolt threaded into. In a normal seat post collar, that bolt just threads into the aluminum binder itself. But as the binder is tightened, and the gap closes, the bolt bends or the threads deform. Putting the swiveling chunklet in there keeps the bolt and threads aligned. Clever as a Racoon welcome mat heist.

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How to measure for a seat collar? Take your Unior calipers, and measure the frame’s diameter where the seat collar will fit. It’s often a weird number, like 28.9 or 32.8. So double check it. Get the appropriate collar size. Grease the bolt before ya install it.

We stock these in only a few sizes but can get them in 29.8, 34.9, 36.4, or 38.6 easily. Just contact us, and we’ll get it moving for yins.