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Cassette Spacers


Back when you didn’t get weird looks for watching Darkwing Duck, cassette spacers were rarely needed. If you had a 9 speed cassette and a 9 speed hub, bam, they...

Discord Anodized Valve Caps


This just in: from the National Institute for Radness. Your bike will shred, send, huck, plane, stick it, bomb, carve, rail, rip, and shred 13.6% more if you put anodized...

Discord Earthworm Tubeless Valves


“The record collection or magazine or newspaper might reveal some clue to a social movement or trend or fashion or sensibility which defies their moronic stranglehold on consciousness. A burp...

Discord Gov't Issue Tubeless Tape


This is the best tubeless tape out there. We tested Orange Seal, Stan’s, WTB, Spank, Velocity, Easton and some other ones I forgot about. Some are good but too expensive,...

Dyna Plug Mega Pill


Woo-doggy! We love these over engineered tubeless tire plugs. Over engineered just cause they could have made it outta boring old plastic and generally cheapened the whole thing, but instead...

Dynaplug Pill


Woo-doggy! We love these over engineered tubeless tire plugs. Over engineered just cause they could have made it outta boring old plastic and generally cheapened the whole thing, but instead...

Dynaplug Racer


Dynaplug makes the Kobe beef of tubeless repair kits. If you want the best, this is it. Hand massaged by the finest California CNC mill. This is a good, minimal...

DynaPlug Refills


So you've used a few or all of your plugs in your fancy DynaPlug Pill, Racer or MegaPill? Snag some more here!

Emory Cloth By the Foot


Emory cloth isn’t a fine textile one would make a nice dinner jacket out of.  Dinner jackets, by the way, are a ridiculous concept.  And the word jacket reminds me...

Genuine Innovations Side Of Bacon


A side of bacon is an essential part of a well rounded breakfast. Typically, bacon takes forever, especially when you stick it in the oven and get all ‘I want...

Meiser Gauges


Floor pumps have a dirty secret. They all have pressure gauges that are only sorta accurate when they’re in the middle of their pressure range. So if you have a...

Orange Seal Endurance Sealant


There are a bunch of tubeless sealants on the market. The big one is Stan’s. I find Stan’s to be one of the worst sealants, especially at the act of...

Park Tool Tire Boots


For those of you still running inner tubes, tire boots are a great little piece of insurance to keep in your tool roll. After you that broken Zima bottle cuts...

Park Tool Valve Core Remover


Tubeless tires require the occasional sealant refill. Every 6 months or so, you have to add some Orange Seal to your tire, cause the liquid evaporates over time. Not a...

Paul Component Quick Release


30 years ago, you couldn’t buy a bad quick release. They were all some version of the Campy Record quick release, and they were better for it. Nowadays, Sheldon Brown’s...

Pedro's Vise Whip


Look, chain whips are stupid. They slip, they break, they wobble around like a drunk porcupine. One slip and you’re bleeding. Pedro’s fixed all of that, by reinventing the chainwhip....

Pillar Quad Butted Spokes


Pillar started making spokes in 1984.  In 2006, they launched the quad butted spoke.  I didn’t know about Pillar 3 years ago, but with supply issues becoming a thing in...

Pillar Silver or Black Brass Nipples


If you want silver nipples, you want brass nipples. They’re strong, chrome plated and easy to build with. That’s all there is to it. Well made, easy to use, nice...

Pillar Single Butted Spokes


Everyone is all about the double butts, but lemme tell ya something.  Sometimes one butt is all you need.  Pillar rates these spokes for the hardest possible usage: Downhill, E...

Replacement Valve Cores


Tubeless tire tech is great. But sometimes the sealant can get in the valve core, dry up and leave a goo vaguely reminiscent of that gum stuck under everyone's desk...

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes


Let’s get this out of the way first. We don’t care about the aero properties of spokes. The fact that these spokes are bladed is good in the sense that...

Unior Centering Gauge for Professional Truing Stand


If you have a Park or Unior truing stand, they can go out of dish alignment pretty easily. Not ideal, but this Unior Centering Gauge tool helps you quickly and...

Unior Rotor Truing Tool


When your disc brake rotor gets all wombly-pombly on ya, you have to straighten it out. A very light pressure is required. I use a piece of white paper that...

Unior Spoke, Cotter and Bearing Gauge


This spoke ruler is steel, it won’t bend even if you really rap someone’s knuckles with it. What makes this one unique is that it has a cotter pin gauge,...

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