We ship as fast as possible.  Right now that means we ship on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Sometimes we will need to email you with a question, or a clarification or ask about a substitution.  If you place an order for a lighting system, we might have some soldering to do.  If the work schedule is full that day, we might have do it the next day.  We try to keep most things in stock, but some things are not possible, too many variants.  If we stocked em all we'd be outta business before you could say q factor twice.  We'll note items that are not in stock but that we will source for you.  You'll save money on shipping this way, and support our little shop.  It'll be good, I promise. 

Thanks for understanding, and thank you for your business.

If you live in a iffy area and theft from your stoop is a problem, please let us know and we’ll see to it that your items require a signature. Alternatively, get it shipped to your work, or a friends house, or, if it’s a complete bike, a bike shop. Let us know if you intend do that, and we’ll send treats to the bike shop. On orders less than $400, we typically don’t require a signature. On everything else, including wheels, frames, and complete bicycles, we must require a signature. No matter what. We can’t afford to replace your bike if it’s stolen from your porch– and it might get snagged even if you live in the safest neighborhood out there. We can ask the local UPS warehouse to hold onto the bike until you can pick it up. Please, just let us know, and we’ll figure something out. It just can’t be left without a signature.  

Triple check the address you ask us to ship to. Regander your order to insure you’ve included all the items you’d like, otherwise things get delayed or you could incur additional charges for re-routing.

We offer international shipping to many countries. Email us, and we’ll get you a quote. Our quotes are for shipping and handling ONLY, they do not include customs charges, which are left to the buyer. Our international shipping calculations on the site are often wildly incorrect so just contact us and we’ll see what we can do to get the cost down. Send an email using our contact form with a list of items you’d like to purchase as well as your complete address so we can get you a quote. Unfortunately we are not able to ship DHL, USPS International only for small items, and BikeFlights/UPS International for larger orders like wheelsets, frames and complete bikes.