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Analog Turkey Vulture Sticker


Because you need a new sticker. Ben Franklin thought that the Turkey Vulture should have been the US bird, not the Eagle. When SRAM came out with Eagle, a 500%...

Tanglefoot Hermit Thrush Sticker


with thunder, rain and wind, then waiting, we drop everything to listen as a  hermit thrush distills its fragmentary, hesitant, in the end unbroken music. From A Hermit Thrush, By...

Tanglefoot Hermit Thrush Pin


Passing the visions, passing the night, Passing, unloosing the hold of my comrades’ hands, Passing the song of the hermit bird and the tallying song of my soul, Victorious song,...

Tanglefoot Moonshiner Sticker


Designed by Denis Carrier at Studio Folk. He's a cycling enthusiast and artist who we are always happy to work with. He'll be riding a Moonshiner before the next cycle 'round...

Tanglefoot Cycles Electric Llama Sticker


The Greeks missed the boat on this one, the mythical 13th Zodiac, the ilektrikó láma.  Those born under this sign are quick with a wheelie, slow with a coffee, fast...

Fifth Season Logo Pin


Charred and feral Limp and crisp, edges of crystals shoot upward from the cracked soil Dripping branches Teaming creeks, glass coated stones and awakening moss Thick as cold vaseline, sticky...

Discord Logo Pin


Never mind what's been selling, It's what you're buying Fugazi, From Blue Print 1” pin with Discord Components logo on there.  Made in the US.  Listen to real music.  Reject...