A probuild is just bike industry speak for building your bike.  Lots of work and knowledge go into each bike Analog builds.  Analog brings fit know-how, parts spec knowledge and one on one customer time to bear on the build.   An array of tools is employed to make your bike work properly and safely.  Every Analog build is torqued to spec.  Cable housing is carefully prepped with a grinder and sharp picks, the brakes aligned for optimal performance, rotors trued, shifting sorted and cables pre-stretched.  We take pride in our handlebar tape skills and considered assembly.  Clear grease is used to keep the bike parts and frame clean.  Your bike gets lots of love on our workstand!

Analog’s probuild includes:

  • Full Frame Prep
  • Headset Install
  • Bottom Bracket install
  • Fork cutting, reaming.
  • Brake prep and install
  • Cable prep and install
  • Derailleur install
  • Saddle prep as needed
  • Saddle set up
  • Seatpost prep
  • Crankset, chain, chainring install
  • Cassette install and modifications as needed