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M5 & M6 Stainless Bolts


So you dropped that bolt you really needed on the gravel and it vanished? Or that fenderset you just acquired only comes with non-stainless hardware?Well we've got your back! As...

Alloy Bolt Spacers M5 & M6


These little spacers are ultra handy to have around. Harder and stronger than plastic or nylon spacers, so you can use them for structural stuff, not just fenders. We most...

M5 & M6 Stainless Washers


Small washers are for mounting racks to braze ons and bottle cages (if you are that kinda person), and some light mounting situations. Oversized washers are used to sandwich fork...

Wolf Tooth Anodized Aluminum M5 Water Bottle Cage Bolts


Black, Rose, Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple Wolftooth isn’t known for making bolts, the way SRP was back in the day. Most folks don’t even remember SRP, but...

Pedal Washers


Pedal washers are something most folks forget about when they jam pedals on a bike. But you know they’re important, cause lots of crank manufacturers send ‘em out with new...

Nylock Stainless Steel Nuts


Nylock nuts have a nylon washer that’s pressed into the back of the nut. The washer is a bit smaller than the threads of the bolt, so when you thread...

Unior M5 Frame Taps


New metal bike frames should have all of their threaded holes chased out with a tap.  To do this, you need self confidence, a steady hand, the approriate tap, cutting...