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Cable End Crimps


Let’s face it. All the cool kids at school have rad colors on their cable end crimps. If you keep getting stuffed in the locker it’s because you are rocking...

Brass Ferrules


Walk into bike shop X, and even if they sell 6k double squish bikes with 700 dollar forks, chances are if you get a new shift cable and housing installed,...

Jagwire Black Cable Housing


We sell cable housing, but no one ever calls us up to ask for it. It’s good housing, and it lacketh in gimmicks. Gimmick housing, along with colored housing, should...

Jagwire Pro Cables


Shifter and brake cables should be made out of stainless steel, with no coatings on them. Coatings wear off. Think about that teflon frying pan you have that’s covered in...

Japanese Donuts


After the Great Kanto Earthquake of ‘23, something strange happened at the Manseibashi Station. What had been an inelegant structure, reminicent of a 1890’s armory building became a crumbled facade....

Jagwire Ultra Slick Cables


I want to take a few Jagwire Ultra Slick cables and tie up the engineering department at Shimano, Campy, Rotor and SRAM. With cables this good, the only reason to...

Cantilever Brake Straddle Wire


When was the last time you replaced your Canti brake straddle wire? A long time ago, is my guess. Straddle wires should be replaced when you replace your brake cables....

Jagwire Inline Barrel Adjusters


Everyone knows that Jagwires live in trees, in the jungle. They mainly hunt tourists, by setting up fake PokemonGo traps under their trees. After the tourist is eaten, the Jagwire...

Turkey Vulture Supreme cable pull modifer kit


Wanna set your bike up with Turkey Vulture Supreme gearing? You need this kit to make that happen. This little fellow is a machined aluminum cable pull modifier. It lets...

Unior Cable Housing Cutters


Most cable housing cutters are hot garbage. Or cold garbage if it's winter. Bad housing cutters lose their edge with a quickness, have crummy ergonomics, and get jammed open like...

Centerpull Brake Straddle Wire


You oughta replace your straddle wire whenever you replace your other cables. Don’t let em get all stiff and rusty and kinked. That makes your brake sad and resentful, and...