PNW RAINIER Dropper Post Internal 27.2


Some folks like dropper posts.  They say it’s like having two bikes in one, a normal bike and a sendy gnar gnar bike.  I’ll keep my judgy judgy view on dropper posts out of this, and just say that the current crop of dropper posts sucks way less than dropper posts of yore, which always had mega issues with failing.  The new ones seem better sealed, lighter, more affordable, and all the jazz.  You know, jazz with a lower case j, like Kenny G plays.  

PNW, which stands for Purloined Nuggat Waffers or something like that, makes one of the 3 dropper posts we sell.  Here’s what’s tricky good about it, not tricky bad like Roger Stone and his back tattoo hero.  It comes in all the fun diameters, including 27.2mm.   That makes it good for ye ole Tanglefoot Hardtack.  Long travel, so it can get way outta your way.  Cable actuated, which means it can be hamburglared to work with a SRAM brifter.  We have a bunch of these out in the field, and have yet to hear of an issue.  Compare that to the other stuff we have in the field, like burdock and poison hemlock, which we hear constant complaints about.  The Purloined Nuggat Waffer Rainer Dropper (named after a shitty beer and what happens to your pants after you’ve had a 12 pack, presumably) is just a solid unit.  Which is also what Hardy calls slighly barmy old rich folks.  Units.  

2 bolt head, so the saddle won’t slip around like musk melon covered in naval jelly let loose in a hot tub.  Internal routing, which just means the actuator cable has to go thru a port in your seat tube, rather than dangle promiscuously outside of your frame, like a common piece of shift housing.

From PNW:

A Travel 125mm

B Seat Collar to Center of Rails 170mm

C Total Length 452mm

D Min. Insertion Length 120mm

E Full Insertion Length  282mm

* 27.2 Weight 450g
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