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Jagwire Adjustable Brake Noodle


If you have drop bars and V brakes that are not Paul Motolites, get these noodles. On account of drop bar levers don’t have barrel adjusters to fiddle with brake...

Unior Cable Housing Cutters


Most cable housing cutters are hot garbage. Or cold garbage if it's winter. Bad housing cutters lose their edge with a quickness, have crummy ergonomics, and get jammed open like...

Unior Rotor Truing Tool


When your disc brake rotor gets all wombly-pombly on ya, you have to straighten it out. A very light pressure is required. I use a piece of white paper that...

Unior Disc Brake Piston Spreader


Sometimes you take your front wheel out, and that jerk roommate of yours just grabs your brake lever and extends the hydraulic pistons out, and damn it if you can’t...

Finish Line DOT 5 Fluid


Hydro brakes are not our jam, but lots of folks have them or are stuck with them for various reasons.  C’est la vie.  Hydro brakes need service, seals get old,...

Unior 7x8mm Open End Combination Wrench


This here wrench can be used on any 7 or 8mm nut, but it excels as a macchiato stirring stick, no wait, don’t do that, because what it’s really good...