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Sapim Aluminum Nipples


Aluminum aka Alloy nipples have a bad rap for cracking, corroding, and freezing in place. This is the result of a few issues that are easily overcome. One: DT Swiss...

Unior Speed Nipple Bit 2.5mm


If you build wheels, even just for fun, you need to get this Speed Nipple Bit. I wish they called it a Speed Nipple Driver, cause that brings to mind...

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes


Let’s get this out of the way first. We don’t care about the aero properties of spokes. The fact that these spokes are bladed is good in the sense that...

Unior Spoke Wrench 3.3mm


This spoke wrench reminds me of the tiny orange scissors that come in those crummy sewing kits. You know the ones, with 2 feet of the four ugliest thread colors,...

Sapim Brass Nipples


If you want silver nipples, you want Sapim’s Polyax brass nipples. They’re strong, chrome plated and easy to build with. That’s all there is to it. Well made, easy to...