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Ceres II Wire Carabiner


Do you carry around 43 keys for no reason?  Enjoy charms banging on your knee whilst driving?  Dangle a Ti mug outside your saddle bag even though it would fit...

Vinyl Dry Bag Repair Kit


Vinyl dry bags.  They’re tough until they’re not.  Dry bags are great, but they’re spendy, and because Candice and I only get paid in salt, we like to repair them...

Snap Repair Buckle 1"


Plastic buckles break.  Everyone knows it, most folks have experienced it, yet no one talks about it and bag makers are always sewing buckles into bags, where they can not...

Tenacious Tape Repair Patches


Big gear repair patches for your tent, jacket, sil-nylon stuff sacks, bike packing bag.  Works on most synthetic fabrics.  Not for waxed cotton.   Hot tip: using your first aid scissors,...

Aquaseal SR Freesole Shoe Repair 1oz


Back when I was a kid, we made shoes out of musk ox tongues lashed in place with poison ivy vines.  If your shoe wore out, you just hunted down...

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Mini Patches


Outdoors gear keeps getting lighter and lighter.  That’s both good (it’s lighter!) and bad (it’s less durable!).  Find me someone who ACTUALLY sits around a campfire with a down puffy...