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Velo Vermont Maple Water Bottle


Our friends at Velo Vermont just made these super rad bottles. Made in the spirit of Vermont Maple Syrup jugs, these are an optimal way to get your VT love...

Nalgene Water Bottles


Stainless steel is a fine, if heavy, thing to make a water bottle out of. We use Hydroflasks for keeping stuff hot or cold, and they do a swell job...

Tanglefoot Old Turkey Vulture Water Transporter


Tanglefoot is a slowy-chuggin-along bicycle brand born outta the minds of us two folk at Analog. We're making progress on prototyping and developing our products, which we need more of...

Tanglefoot Jim Gnar Water Transporter


Designed in the 1800’s, then redesigned by our friend Dustin, this Jim tribute bottle pays homage to the old seal on Republic of Vermont coins, pressed before Vermont joined the...