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UCO Sprout + Mini Lantern


UCO Sprout + mini lantern The Sprout + is a small rechargeable lantern, roughly the size of a non-GMO orange.  Perfect for reading in a tent, campsite ambience when a...

Hozuki Mini Lantern


Ideal small group camping lantern.  Disappears in the pack, but bright enough to cook under a tarp with or play cards in a tent.  Hooks on to whatever it’s hanging...

Nite Ize Radiant Micro Rechargeable Clip-on Lantern


Minimalist lantern, many uses.  Getting changed in a tent, camp cooking, tarp ambiance, illuminating guy lines.   Clips on any line or small branch.  Water resistant, so it can get...

Hozuki Large Lantern


This fantastic Snow Peak lantern is named after a Manga series called Hozuki’s Coolheadedness.  The plot is quite dense, and I’ll try to summarize it quickly.  No I won’t, it’s...

UCO Mini Candle Lantern Kit 2.0


Small, cute, light weight.  Comes with its own carrying sock which can double as a puppet in an emergency.  Quick, someone get the puppet and talk Stan out of Xeroxing...

UCO 12-Hour Beeswax Candles, 3-Pack


Mind your own Beeswax is a ‘softening’ of mind your own business.  But what if your business is beeswax?  Old Ben Franklin, weirdo coiner of such phrases as “Three may...

UCO Clarus Lantern & Torch


No, not the cheap Shimano Claris with their ‘smoothly rotating hubs’.  Look, if that’s a selling point on your hubs, then they obviously have very little going for them.  All...

UCO Candle Lanterns


Candle Lanterns have a number of potential uses, but they were invented to hang inside of a tent to keep the interior dry.  That’s why that have a long handle...