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Velo Vermont Maple Water Bottle


Our friends at Velo Vermont just made these super rad bottles. Made in the spirit of Vermont Maple Syrup jugs, these are an optimal way to get your VT love...

Pharten' Around Pharm Maple Syrup


Here's a quick primer on how to make maple syrup the right way. Drill a few holes in a few dozen trees. Stick taps in said trees and connect them...

Untapped 1oz Maple Syrup


Untapped dubs itself as All Natural Athletic Fuel, which it is, but it's also a really easy way to transport your favorite tree goo around. Notice I said goo and...

Untapped Maple Waffle


Untapped harnesses the magic and wonder of maple syrup and uses it to improve on a classic cycling snack: the stroopwafel. If you've never had one (what have you been...