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Nitto Quill to Threadless Stem Adaptor


If you are going to use a shim, adaptor, spacer or any other fudgin'-it device, and it's location is critical to safety, it should be high quality and strong. Interestingly,...

Discord Components w(Right) Stem


Long stems are going the way of the Dodo Bike fit, bike geometry and bike spec work in aggregate to shape how a rider rides a bike. In an ideal...

Black Nitto Tallux & Technomic Stems


And on the seventh day Nitto ended the work which Nitto had made; and rested on the seventh day from all this work which Nitto had made. And Nitto became...

Velo Orange Cigne Stem


Want get the handlebars up higher? This is currently the best stem going for high bars on a threadless steerer tube. Strong, steel, with big bolts that you can crank...

Paul Component Box Car Stems


When Paul wanted to design a new stem, he contacted the hottest designer on the block: Vladimir Tatlin. Ol’ Vlad whipped up a design so hot that Moholy-Nagy was said...

SimWorks 1 1/8" Headset Spacers


Whence rockin’ a steel stem, aluminum headset spacers are a bad move. They are thicker than the walls of the steel stem’s steerer clamp, and they kinda bulge out and...

Nitto Dirt Drop Stem


When you get that 1983 Stumpjumper home and realize it’s an 18” not a 21”, but you wanna ride it anyway because you paid too much for it (who isn’t...

Handlebar Shims


Oh shims. So denigrate. So misunderstood. The woeful life of an underrated bike bit. Here’s the stem shim low down. They work fine, if you use ‘em right. Do: Use...

Discord Components Creemee Stem


What is a Creemee? It’s only the best summer time food product one can enjoy in the state of Vermont. Ideally it’s a vanilla/maple soft serve twist. The best ones...

Soma Crane CrMo Stems


31.8 clamp only.

Discord Fingerling Stems


Short and stubby, but oddly elegant, like a fingerling potato. If you want to get your reach in check but don’t need to go as short as the w(Right) stems,...

Discord Components Quill Stem Top Caps


Buy one of these if you lost your OG top cap, or want a fun color. These little nuggets fit all of the Discord quill stems that accept a top...

Gnomehopper 60mm Stem


This forged aluminum stem will not only help you hop over all those pesky gnomes but will also help you hop on your bike and not feel like a gnome...

Discord Chromo Creemee


The tallest, stiffest, shortest stem out there. Not a good pick up line in a bar, but it makes for a great stem. 125mm stack height to get bars up...

Discord Chromo Peeper


Discord stems have a theme: short reach, lots of stack. We’re obsessed, an obsession that transcends trends. Trendy stems are next year’s fodder for the scrap metal collector. Our short...

Fairweather x Nitto Stems


Brazed stems are XKE of the bike stem world. Nitto makes these, for the Japanese brand Fairweather. We sell them because they’re gorgeous, strong, and what else could you want...

Boring Basic Headset Spacers


Most folks need a headset spacer or two. Mixing different brands or having a dozen random heights of spacers looks janky. Like you let your kid pick out your headset...

White Industries Headset Spacers


There are headset spacers, and then, there are headset spacers. Yaknowwhadimean? White Industries, makers of fine CNC’d hubs and such, has finally come out with a headset spacer that is...

Deity Crosshair Headset Spacers


Dang, I hate it when I get a crossed hair. Gotta have em straight and parallel, with 8 microns of space betwixt. Most fancy headset spacers are priced like caviar....

Paul Component Funky Monkeys Front & Rear


Paul's brake cable hangers come in 4 sizes, three different front cable hanger sizes and one rear cable hanger size. The 7/8" (22.2) is for mounting off the quill shaft...