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Kupilka Spork 225 Long


Why do you need such a long utencil?  When digging ants out of a log, it’s handy to have an XL scooper.  When trying to itch that spot 3 inches...

Kupilka Cutlery Set


Included in this cutlery set are a fork, a spoon, a knife and a mini spoon.  The latter is cute AF, according to 7 out of 10 people who have...

UCO Switch Spork ECO


Ok, I really like this cutlery idea.  When you are eating freeze dried foods on the international space station, and the Russians have eatten all the Neopolitian ice cream, you...

Morakniv Scout Knife


Moraknivs are made in Mora, in Dalarna, a landskap of Sweden.  Mora is known for three things: Steel, knives, and a totally bonkers 1669 witch trial which featured such crimes...

UCO Utility Spork Two Pack ECO


UCO is known for their candle lanterns, but they make some other rad stuff that we like.  These spokes are made of recycled plastic, and can themselves be recycled.  The...

Snow Peak Collapsable Stainless Steel/Bamboo Chopsticks


Snow Peak makes these chopsticks in two flavors: large and small.  We say, go big!  They’re 9” long, which is more like what most folks are used to than the...

UCO Utility Spork Two Pack


This spork is less spork and more fork and spoon and knife combo, with a spoon at one and end a fork with a (not gunna cut you) serrated edge...

Kupilka 21 Cup + Small Spoon


Close your eyes and picture this.  Wait.  No keep them open, or you can’t read.  Squint knowingly, and pretend to look into the semi distance.  You are on a spit...

Snow Peak Kettle No. 1


Snow Peak’s Kettle No. 1 is not incorrectly named.  Very few kettles work well as a general cook pot, or a bowl, or a big ass cup, but this one...

GSI Compact Scraper


Camping and cooking = KP duty in suboptimal conditions.  If you have a stainless or Ti pot, you can scrub it out with sand, rocks, etc.  But if you have...

Snow Peak Bamboo Spatula


Metal spatulas damage anodized frying pans.  Not rad.  Bamboo is renewable, looks nice, and it’s light.  This is a good home / car camping / long bike tour unit.  Little...

Castillo Navaja Folding Knife


Folding knives go way back.  The concept is around 2700 years old, dating to the Second Iron Age, which was covered extensively and masterfully in Iron Age II, with voice...

Morakniv Eldris (S) Knife


Rise early, very early considering how much bourbon was consumed around the campfire last night, and start gathering wood for the fire.  The night’s rain has soaked the kindling, even...

Morakniv Classic No. 2F Finger Guard (C)


If the Morakniv Scout knife is too small for you, but you want a versatile woods knife, look yon  longer not, as they say.  Morakniv makes all of their knives...

Morakniv Eldris (S) Knife and Fire Spark


Morakniv knives are made in Sweden, and they’re the exclusive knife used to produce those weirdly sweet meatballs they serve at Ikea.  Design meeting for those meatballs:  Hey Linnea, what...