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Bonhus Loose Hex Keys


4mm, 5mm, and 6mm bolt heads are the most common sizes on your bike. 90% of water bottle boss bolts use an M5 bolt, which takes a 4mm hex key....

Unior T-Handle Hex Wrenches


Best shaped T-handle we’ve used. VAR is a close second place, but this is a bit more rounded, less angular. The handles are some sort of plastic that feels more...

Wera Ball End Hex Drivers


Wera has a bunch of weird mottos. Screw in, Screw out. This is our core. I guess it makes sense, and it’s better than Screw up, or Screw off. All...

Crank Brothers F15 Multitool


There are a load of fine multi tools out there. A short list of fine units: Lezyne, Specialized, Crank Brothers. Ok. Actually, there are not too many good ones. There’s...

Unior Metric Hex Screw Drivers


Holy crap I wish I had these tools when I was building bikes out of the backseat of a 1985 Pontiac Fiero for Wally-world. Wait. I never did that. But...

Unior Torx T-Handles


Torx bolts are getting more and more popular. It makes sense, but I’m not used to it yet. Torx bolts don’t just drive on a few edges, like a hex...

Wera Allen Wrench Set


Candice keeps these hex wrenches handy on her work stand. It’s the nicest set we’ve used, with color coated tool dip to make grabbing the right size quicker. If I...

Unior Three-way Wrench 2, 2.5, 3mm Straight-tip Hex


I used to live up the street from a place called the Past Times Cafe. It was in a one star hotel off the highway, and supposedly it was frequented...

Crank Brothers M17 Multitool


Crank Brothers is one of those brands that generally makes things I don’t like: really tiny pumps that move air at the speed of a sloth getting his VO2 test...

Topeak Ninja 16+ Mini Folding Tool


Topeak makes fine stuff, and we occasionally carry some of it.  Most of it is fine but generic.  Some of it is fine and inspired.  Enter the Ninja 16.  This...

Wera Standard Hex Screwdriver


Few tool companies are as well regarded as Wera.  In the states, only tool nerds know the name, but tool nerds generally know what's up, about tools at least.  Wera is...

Unior Three-Way Wrench - T10, T15, T25 Torx


Torx is taking over. A lot of the contemporary components are switching over to torx hardware rather than the standard metric hex head. Boo! More tools to buy, but this...