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Alpine Provisions Soaps


Dr. Bronners Magic Soap is great for defunking in the woods, but what about at home?  You want the woods funk at home, because your house just smells like stale...

Aquamira Water Treatment


Tiny chlorine tablets zap funk in your 'found' water.  These tabs are the most minimal way to purify water, and they work well.  Minimal funky taste.  If the water has weird...

Peppermint Travel Toothpaste


The travel toiletries section of the pharmacy always used to fascinate me as a kid.  Maybe we’re predisposed to like miniature things.  I always wanted to start a restaurant that...

Lipivo Original Balm


Tiger Balm Extra Strength


Tiger Balm was created by a Chinese Herbalist living in what was then known as Rangoon, now known as Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, formerly Burma.  Got that?  The year...

Badger Anti-Bug Spray


DEET is what you need to go deep in the jungle / swamp / Florida to keep the bugs away.  It’s proven that Rick DeSantis will stay at least three...

Dr. Bronner's Wee Castile Soap


Here’s what you need to know about Dr. Bronner’s soap: Do you see those glasses he is wearing?  Dude is not messing around.   Good for bike packing: clean up dishes,...

GSI Compact Scraper


Camping and cooking = KP duty in suboptimal conditions.  If you have a stainless or Ti pot, you can scrub it out with sand, rocks, etc.  But if you have...