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True Confessions

True Confessions

Candice and James met in the exceptionally stinky mechanic’s bay of a bike shop. Super nerd types sometimes repel each other, but we worked together like a jumbo bag of Fritos and cheap queso dip. We bonded over long talks about cold forging, material sourcing, frame geometry, and pull ratios. The seeds of our future were sown on long frosty rides, discussing the evolution of derailleurs, rim stiffness and food safe cutting oils. We were always planning the next expedition, plotting over topo maps and geological surveys. Get a life before you get a theory, they say. The Analog credo of enlightened bikes sprouted from our adventures like the fur on a racoon chia pet. It’s a subversive take on how bikes and gear should be built and ridden. In the fall of 2017, Analog Cycles became a reality: a shop dedicated to the pursuit of enlightened bikes, living joyfully, long gravel climbs and twisty singletrack.

James has been in the bike industry for 20+ years (wow, that’s a long time!). An avid mountain biker since the mid-90s, James has been riding rigid mountain bikes with dirt drops for the past 15 years. He’s got at least a grundle and a half of nerd information jammed in that noggin of his. His genuine love of history affords him a vision of the past and how it informs current trend. James is one helluva teacher, has a real knack for design, and hasn’t lost an argument since pre-K. He’s read every word Sheldon Brown, Bill Watterson, and Raymond Chandler have ever written. He’s nuts about material specs, dirt roads, swimming in the middle of rides, 94¢ records, and a chilly s24o.

Candice’s background in science brings to the table a methodical attention to detail. As a result she loves a good torque wrench and has an obsession with immaculate frame prep. Her analytical compulsions are contrasted by a eccentric, colorful sense of style, which she brings to her personal bike builds, and customer builds (if they let her, please let her!). She claims she’s a mechanic in training, but that’s only true in that all good mechanics are always in training. If you have a wily glitch in your getup, Candice can fix it. She’s a nasty mountain biker, a year-round, weather-be-damned commuter, and an experienced bike tourist. Her ideal morning consists of roughly 20 oz. of black coffee, a jar of crunchy peanut butter spiked with m&ms, and a dew covered tent.