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Sim Works Super Yummy Tires



As Joe Biden would say: let me be clear.  These tires do not taste good, even with a lot of ketchup.  Speaking of ketchup, Mach’s Market sells this amazing cranberry ketchup.  Sounds maybe not good, and I can’t say I’d put it on a hot dog, but it’s fantastic with eggs and potatoes and even as a salad dressing.  Try it next time you are in Pawlet, VT.  If you don’t like it, we can’t be friends any more. 

Panaracer makes a tire called the Driver pro, and it uses the same tread pattern that the Simworks Super Yummy uses.  Perfect for fast gravel riding, dry to tacky hardpack trails, rocks, slow but not painfully slow pavement use.  Durable casing, for scraping on rocks.  Tan sidewalls because white walls aren’t back in style yet.  

Tubeless compatible.  Made in Japan by Panaracer.