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Panaracer GravelKing Semi-Knobby Tires

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Panaracer has been quietly making some of the best tires out there for years. The Gravelking SK is the successor the venerable Pasela tire, which was my go to tire for many a-moon. The Pasela was affordable, looked nice, had great grip, and wore slowly, slower than a koala on disco biscuits. The Gravelking has several nifty features the Pasela lacked. Tubeless ready. Really, these are a snap to convert. And unlike ultra supple tires, the casing is not made out of rice paper, so they don’t leak sealant through the sidewalls like a scene from the Shining. No puncture barrier. Don’t need it: tubeless. Dark brown sidewall. Looks better whence dirty than a tan sidewall. Consistent feel when cornering: no weird traction transition at any lean angle. Lastly, they feel faster. These tires feel like race tires. Very zippy! But much better traction and cut resistance than race tires.

Ideal for road riding, dirt roads without huge nasty rocks, commuting, touring. Set these up tubeless! Throw out whatever you used to think was a reasonable tire pressure. I (James) run 38mm Gravelkings on dirt roads at 35 psi, and I’m not a lightweight fellow. On rougher terrain, I run 40.

All black or black with brown sidewall.