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Schwalbe Aerothan Tubes



It’s kinda funny that it took the advent of tubeless tires for inner tube makers to make a really good inner tube.  We have a few miracle tubes to choose from these days, but our favorite are these Schwalbe Aerothan tubes.  They are light, pack small, and are more durable than butyl tubes.  With tubeless tires, you rarely need a spare tube.  Back when I ran tubes, in the stone ages 10 years ago, I would never buy a nice, small, expensive tube, because I knew I’d be blowing it up within a few rides.  Now, I just need a tube as insurance.  It’s something I rarely need (can’t think of the last time I needed to put a tube), but you gotta have one, just in case.  This is the perfect just in case tube: it’s small and light, so it disappears in your saddle bag, but if you need it, it’s a durable one.  The Aerothan tube is about half the weight and size a comparable butyl tube.  

Made in Germany.