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Gnomehopper 60mm Stem

Out Of Stock

This forged aluminum stem will not only help you hop over all those pesky gnomes but will also help you hop on your bike and not feel like a gnome at the end of the ride. I assume gnomes are perpetually grumpy and uncomfortable.

With 55mm of extension and 95mm of stack this stem helps you get your bars up, but not as high as a Velo Orange Cigne would. And gets them close, but not as close as a Discord Creemee or Peeper Stem would. The perfect step between those options! Affordable and strong enough for off road riding, we've installed these stems on lots of different bikes. We get them ceramic coated a nice matte black.

Not for Carbon forks. If you have a carbon fork and need to get your bars higher, get a steel fork. Sorry, but it's whatcha gotta do.

You need 50-61mm of steerer tube for this stem. Not less, or it will fail.

6nm for all the bolts.