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White Industries Headset Spacers




There are headset spacers, and then, there are headset spacers. Yaknowwhadimean? White Industries, makers of fine CNC’d hubs and such, has finally come out with a headset spacer that is actually worth blowing some cheddar on. Here’s what makes them rad:

Made in Cali in a solar powered facility.

Available in fun colors.

They’re about half the weight of normal aluminum spacers.


Because they are thinner. They’re thin like a steel headset spacer, but magically made from aluminum. This means you can mate them with either a fine aluminum stem OR a steel stem, and they won’t stick out further than the steel stem’s steerer clamp. That’s RAD! Used to be, one had to put steel headset spacers on a steel stem. Now you can you put purple and blue headset spacers on, and really turn noggins.

The silver spacers are polished.

You can get a swoopy (tapered) headset spacer if you want a sort of organic look transition from your White Industries headset.