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Tanglefoot Woolen Tape



Walk among corn, vines

Birds, the rustling stalks

Walk slow, say

Nothing.  Watch

The mountain change color

Each day, appear & 

Disappear among clouds, 

As what you know

Comes & goes daily

Walk among the hemlock

Breathing needle smell, 

The rich dark earth

At yer feet, listen

To squirrels, already

Working against

The winter to come

Bundle in

Only far enough to stay warm

-David Wilk

Tanglefoot’s Blazer Handlebar Tape.  It’s a wool blend bar tape.  No adhesive, like all bar tape used to be.  Easy to install, if you follow our tutorial.  Cozy feeling, soft.  Put Fizik gel under it for a bit of give and bulk.  Durable, washable.  Hand branded little wooden dowel thing with a torch and a brass brand, and rolled up by Tim and Maggie down on the green.  1 roll is enough for a wide, 52cm pair of drop bars.