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SRAM Master Links 9-12 Speed



SRAM makes fine chains. Not the best, that honor goes to Connex. But! Connex master links are pricey. They’re better, cause you don’t need no stinkin’ chain plier to pop the link open, but SRAM makes whole chains that are less money than the 11 speed Connex quick link. Sometimes you gotta decide: burrito and SRAM link, or Connex link and no burrito.

Anyway, the SRAM links work fine when installed, and they install easily.

We say: carry 1-2 for trail rides or touring, in case your chain goes postal and snaps.

Good to have around the workshop too, in case your neighbor Larry comes over with a busted chain and a six pack and wants you to fix it, while he drinks all the beer and makes questionable comments about your musical tastes.