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Fiber Grip by Juice Lubes


There are times when you want a gritty lube. Like, if your roommate keeps bragging about his Strava results: pack his hubs in this grease. It will slow him right TF down. Other times you need grit for non-malicious purposes. Like if your seatpost is slippy and just won’t stay up, clean the grease off it and outta the frame, and put fiber grip stuff in it’s place. It’s just grease with some grit in it, and it will help the seatpost bite into the frame. Also works on slipping stems, like if you are running Bosco bars and a 1 bolt Nitto stem. 1 can is enough to last ya more or less forever.

You HAVE to use this goop on carbon frames, but it has application for steel bikes too, use a sharpie to scribble out the word carbon if it offends you so.