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Blue Lug Chocobike Grips

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These grips look like chocolate bars, get it?  

According to Tikko, these grips have a smell, subtly like whatever chocolate bar they look like.  I don’t smell it, but I’m starting to grow nose hair, so maybe that’s why.  Blocky, comfortable, good looking grips.  If your hands don’t go numb, these are a fine way to go.  If your hands go numb, think about better bars and Ergon Grips.  I’d say these Blue Lug grips would be hard to beat on a cool townie bike.  Grips install best with an air compressor, and second best with super 77 spray glue.  If you go the spray glue route, you need a paper towel on hand for the goo that will come out the end of the bar, and you wanna spray the grip then wait a minute for the glue to set up, then slide on.

Folks say you can use alcohol, or hairspray, but for my money it’s an air compressor or spray glue.