Velocity Quill Rims

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We have some Aileron rims in stock, but not all the varieties.  We usually order these once a week from Velocity.  It might take a few weeks for you to get your rims.  If you are in a rush, email us to ask about current stock.  If you are not, order away and we will get em going for you!

Wheels and rims are oversized and will have the shipping cost calculated after purchase.  We'll send you a seperate invoice for the shipping.  Whatever the system automatically applies when you purchase the rims as a shipping charge will be subtracted from that invoice.  

Velocity has a strange penchant for making both really beautiful rims and really, really ugly ones. Like if ole J.S. Bach wrote both the Goldberg Variations and trap music with lots of auto tune. Or if Ford made both the Fiesta and the Cobra. Oh wait, they did. Perhaps that is how Velocity seeks to restore balance to the universe. You need dark matter and bad rims to keep the earth going around the sun. The Quill rim is the finest rim out there that’s named after a really old writing utensil. It’s also probably the best rim brakin’ rim out there for non-loaded touring on a road-ish bike. You can use it for overnight stuff, just fine. But it’s under 500 grams, so it's just not meaty enough (or non-meat meaty substitute) for big loads.

The Quill rim is way stiffer than the A23. The A23 cross section is based on a kids drawing of a house, minus the popsicle tree. The Quill rim cross section is based on a 60’s beehive hairdo, which is long known to be structurally superior to a kid’s drawing of a house. It’s taller, wider and has more inner volume. Inner volume + more height plus more width make the rim stiffer laterally and radially. Rims are already pretty stiff radially, so more stiffness there isn’t a gee whiz thing, but laterally stiff rims track better. That means it goes where it’s pointed and doesn’t bend off course. Combine this with some high tension spokes, and you have a confidence inspiring rim. I went from riding Mavic Open Sport rims (similar weight, old school cross section) to riding the Quill rims, and felt an immediate difference in handling when riding bad roads. Same hubs, spoke model, tires. But the Quill rims were stiffer and safer feeling when the going got knubbly.

Quill rims are tubeless ready, which means that even if you wanna run tubes (boo!) you need to run tubeless tape. We like the Discord Gov't Issue Tape. Two quick layers and you’re ready to go. Cloth tape would be too thick, and the tire wouldn’t seat right.

We only sell the Quill rim with machined brake tracks.  That's what you want for rim brakin'.

Details: For tires betwixt 25mm and 45mm. You could go wider, but if you wanna go wider, get a Velocity Cliffhanger.

For Riders up to 200 lbs with a 25lbs load. Bigger riders, or loaded touring, get that Cliffhanger.

Riding with discs? Get the Aileron, the non-brake track version of the Quill.


Shipping Information

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